2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition

I love books!
I love book fairs! I love buying and reading books! Our house is overflowing with books in three languages: English, Polish and Chinese. Polish books I can only buy in Poland, but English and Chinese I can quite easily buy here, in Taiwan. There are a few bookstore chains that carry English language books: Eslite 誠品, Caves Bookstore 敦煌書局, Kingstone 金石堂 and also an on-line bookstore I am a frequent customer of all of them, but I still wait for the Book Fair that takes place every year in February.

This year I also went to the Book Exhibition and ended up buying quite a few books for Ania. Take a look at what was added to our bookshelves:
✫ A big book with interesting information about many of the natural wonders of the world:

✫ Two volumes of well known "Goodnight Stories for the Rebel Girls". Each book is full of stories of famous women from different times in history.

✫ Another book from the "Usborne Young Readers" series. 

✫ And two mo…

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